Coming from a property investment background, we think like investors. We understand your needs as well as your wealth creation goals unlike most regular estate agents out there.
The unique value that we offer in our investment property sourcing service falls into the following 3 categories:
Step by step assistance for beginner investors 

Being a group of property investors ourselves, we understand that building a property portfolio can indeed seem like a mammoth task at first. We are here to show you that starting a property portfolio is not nearly as complex and time consuming as you may think, and that investing in property is by far one of the fastest and most fail-safe ways to create wealth in today’s society.

For those that are completely new to the wonderful world of property investing, we will guide you through the entire buying process in detail covering aspects such as where to buy, what to buy, and how to buy.

Sourcing of high yielding income-generating properties 

We are able to source you high-yielding investment properties in carefully selected high capital growth areas that offer some of the highest rental yields in the country.

Sourcing of distressed properties

We are able to source you distressed properties (ie. below market value) by utilizing the systems we have put in place over the years which enable us to find these great deals before the banks/auctions manage to get hold of them.

Our Strategy

We encourage our clients to continually acquire high yielding rental properties which offer high rental yields and high tenant demand. This ensures that your monthly bond repayments as well as any other expenses relating to the property (eg. levies, rates/taxes etc) will be fully (or mostly) covered by the monthly rental, and as a result your portfolio will be self-sustaining and producing a passive income on a monthly basis. For every further property that you purchase, your passive income will increase accordingly.

While we focus on effectively sourcing the right type of income-generating properties for your portfolio in order to maximize your returns, you are able to focus your time on expanding your portfolio and growing your empire of wealth. Our end goal is to empower you towards your financial freedom, and hence enable you to reach your financial goals and dreams.

Our Investment Philosophy
Cash flow is King

When it comes to investing in property, a core belief of ours is that cash flow is king. Cash flow is absolutely crucial when it comes to sustaining any property portfolio which is why we have chosen to specialize in carefully selected areas that offer high rental yields as well as high tenant demand 

By continuously acquiring high yielding properties, you are able to consistently build a self-sustainable income-generating portfolio which requires no monthly cash injections from yourself to keep afloat, and at the same time your portfolio will produce a handsome profit on a monthly basis which ultimately allows you expand your property portfolio even further. This is the key to creating wealth through property.

High Tenant Demand

Another extremely important factor to take into consideration is tenant demand, after all they are the one’s making your rental portfolio possible. Properties (particularly sectional title flats) in and around city center’s like Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria benefit from extremely high tenant demand due to the convenience of being close to the work place, as well as numerous other attractive factors which come into play such as trendy night life, the convenience of being centrally located etc. 

This ultimately means that as an investor you are minimizing your risk greatly and avoiding the unwanted situation whereby your properties are sitting vacant for months on end. As any wealthy property investor will tell you, the 3 most important factors when it comes to the property game is to have your properties tenanted at all times, and to make sure that rent is being collected in full, and on time.

High Capital Growth

Even though many experienced investors will always put the importance of cash flow / rental yields above that of capital growth, capital growth is still a factor which one needs to consider. The area’s that we deal in are usually riddled with sectional title blocks which are about to experience tremendous capital growth spurts. We go that extra mile in order to carefully select only those blocks which have high capital growth expectations, an established and functioning body corporate in place and a reputable managing agent (if applicable).

Success is near
At the end of the day it is those investors (and this applies globally) that have chosen to invest in high yielding income-generating properties that are currently reaping the rewards on a daily basis. It is these investors that are currently on their way to financial freedom (many are already there) and have never looked back since. Its important to keep in mind that success involves doing things differently to the majority of the population. Choose to go against the grain and ignore the hype and rumors which are so often spread by the masses. If only 5% of this world is truely financially free, does it really make any sense following the other 95% that are not?
We wish you all the best for the exciting journey ahead! To Your Success!”
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